FOR APPOINTMENT CALL :   ATHENS  210 6962600, PIRAEUS  210 4582200, THESSALONIKI  2310 372600


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Insurance companies

Patient admission

Financial information

Copies of medical records

If, on discharge, you wish to collect a copy of your medical files, you should fill in an application, which you can obtain from the supervisor of your inpatients ward or from the corresponding offices of Admissions and Collection of Results, which are located on the ground floor of the Clinic. Together with the application you will receive a form for “Instructions to receive copies of medical records” which states all information needed to receive such records. The copies can be received after 5 working days from the office of Receipt of Results. (Receipt hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 – 16:00)

Visiting hours

Working hours of inpatients wards: 10:00-13:00 & 18:30 -21:00
Intensive Care Unit: 12:30 -13:00 & 18:30 -19:00

Staying in the hospital premises outside visiting hours is not allowed, except in special cases upon specific permission by the attending doctor or the hospital’s administration.

If the attending doctor deems the presence of an accompanying person necessary a permission will be given stating that person’s relation with the patient. In case of an accompanying care provider, this person needs to declare to the nursing service the employer’s social security number (AMKA) and to hand in a copy of employer’s social security contributions for the last month of employment Off.Gaz. 1023Β/25-4-2013).

In the interest of the patients’ safety and proper recovery presence of more than 2 visitors is not advised.
During doctors’ and nurses’ rounds, visitors are kindly requested to leave the rooms.

General information

Children below 14 years are not allowed to enter and stay in the hospital premises.
Smoking is not allowed in all areas of the hospital.
Supply of food and beverages in the patients’ rooms is not allowed. The attending doctor is responsible for the choice of appropriate diet for the patient; the hospital sees to the patient’s meals following these instructions.

Patients are responsible for the care and safety of their personal belongings. If you wish to keep your personal belonging in the care of the hospital, please address this request to the inpatients ward supervisor.

For any queries, please contact the inpatients ward supervisor.

Useful telephones

Bioclinic Athens

Admissions Office  : 210 6962447
Patients accounts office : 210 6962448
Collection of Results : 210 6962595

Bioclinic Piraeus
Admissions Office  : 210 4582286
Patients accounts office : 210 4582224
Collection of Results : 210 4582235

Bioclinic Thessaloniki
Admissions Office  : 2310 372867
Patients accounts office : 2310 372874 – 871
Collection of Results :2310 372760 -752