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Possibility of short and/or 2-day stay

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Hypertension is the most common (20-30%) disease worldwide and its occurrence rises with age (in people > 65 years old its frequency is 65-70%).

Causes are multifactorial and its mechanisms of development are complex, being the focus of intense research efforts. Hypertension is clearly the main cause of cerebrovascular accidents and coronary artery disease, but also a risk and/or deterioration factor of renal failure, generalised atherosclerosis, eye dysfunction, and non-reversible renal damage, which all result in a decreased quality of life, manifesting as:

  • Memory loss (33%)
  • Depression (46%)
  • Phobias (55%)
  • Loss of libido (64%)

Early and reliable investigation and therapeutic management of hypertension result in:

  • Reduction of risk of cerebrovascular accidents by 40%
  • Reduction of risk of coronary artery disease by 25%
  • Reduction of risk of heart failure by 50%

Given the above brief descriptions, it becomes absolutely necessary that hypertension is diagnosed and treated.

The Hypertension Department is staffed by specialised and experienced medical personnel who diagnose, treat and monitor responsibly the patients’ course over time by offering excellent scientific knowledge, compassion, commitment and applying the latest scientific advances in the field of medicine.

The Hypertension Department offers short and/or 2-day stay at the hospital so as to investigate the disease optimally, using equipment that meets all medical requirements, such as:

  •  24hour recording of blood pressure, pulse (Holter)
  •  Electrocardiogram – mapping
  •  Labs for haematology, biochemistry and radioimmunology (RIA) tests
  •  Ultrasound scanners – latest generation – for ultrasounds of all body organs
  •  Vascular and cardiac Triplex
  •  CT, MRI and MRA scans
  •  Scintigrams of adrenals, kidneys – nephrogram, as well as the specialised 131J-TIBG, cholesterol etc, for rare forms of hypertension

Complementing the efforts of the Hypertension Department, the following inpatient Clinics and Outpatients Departments of all specialties operate, facilitating fast handling of all internal medicine- and surgery-related problems that patients have, such as:

  •  Dyslipidaemias
  •  Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
  •  Dysmetabolic syndrome
  •  Cardiological conditions
  •  Autoimmune diseases
  •  Renal impairment
  •  Endocrine conditions etc


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